Revolutionary Solar Power.

Complete Solar Power System designed with reliability in mind.

USDA Approved


Patent Pending


Now Offering

Electric Car Charge station

Electricity 365 Days a Year 24 Hour a Day

• Primary power: Solar (optional wind hydro)

• Base power: 48v dc engine driven generator
(Starts when the battery drops to 50% charge and turns off at 90% charge)

• Timed solar travel to keep the most efficient angle to the sun.

• Unit includes: Solar panels, inverter, batteries, engine generator and auto controls ac discount box.

Off Grid Home

An off-grid solar system is designed for the power needs of mid- to large-size homes.

Ranch and Farm

Designed for long term power when the solar panels are not generating energy.

Construction Site

System is self contained and operational. delivered completely assemble.


Engineered to work in both permanent and short term operations.

Reliable Off Grid Solar System

Many solar systems are designed to work only when the sun is out, when the sun is not out they work off a battery plant, however if there is not sufficient sunshine and there is too much load the batteries will discharge below a healthy level.

This system is design to maintain the batteries at a proper operating level and provide long term power when the sun and the solar panels are not generating energy.

The system is reliable, self contained and can be delivered pre assembled with the solar panels mounted on the top of the shelter. If that is not appropriate for your application the solar panels can be mounted on the ground. Given the system design, this system will work very easily in both permanent and short term operations.

Are you ready for your off grid adventure?